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Information Security Cheat Sheets and Checklists

As much as we try to be proactive about information security, IT planning, or project management, we get distracted, or procrastinate. These information security cheat sheets and checklists are designed to assist IT professionals in difficult situations, even if they find themselves unprepared.

This sheet: 
- outlines the tools and commands for analyzing malicious software on the REMnux Linux distribution.
- presents recommendations for creating a strong report as part of an information security assessment project.
- presents a checklist for reviewing critical logswhen responding to a security incident. It can also be used for routine log review.
- outlines tips and tools for reverse-engineering malicious documents, such as Microsoft Office (DOC, XLS, PPT) and Adobe PDF
- offers tips for the initial design and review of a complex Internet application's security architecture.
- captures tips for examining a potentially-compromised server to decide whether to escalate for formal incident response.
- lists the questions the incident handler should consider asking when taking control of a qualified incident.
- captures advice for battling a network DDoS attack on your infrastructure.
- HTML presents shortcuts and tips for analyzing malicious software. (Reverse-Engineering Malware Cheat Sheet)
- offers tips for planning, issuing and reviewing RFPs for information security assessments.
- presents common information security mistakes, so you can avoid making them. (How to Suck at Information Security)